August 2nd 2013

Clean Energy Is Possible Inside Of Texas

Texas may not be thought of many as a place where a clean energy conversation could be had. In reality, this is exactly where the conversation needs to be had. Those who live in Texas produce much of the oil for the rest of the country. They are helping us to increase domestic production, but it is also a place where a lot of clean energy alternatives could come forth.

Wind power for example is something that could be really big in Texas.Additional information can be found at…)

June 5th 2013

Texas Has Numerous Clean Energy Options

This may come as a surprise to some but Texas is one of the greenest states in the nation. How could this be? Isn’t Texas practically drowning in oil and natural gas? Yes, but the state also is leading the charge for better renewable energy products. In fact, the state’s unique geography allows it to be so successful in this pursuit.
There are three main forms of alternative energy that’s taken root in Texas: Solar power, Wind energy, and Hydroelectric energy. The reason all three of these large initiatives can take place is because Texas is well (more…)

March 22nd 2013

Solar Power Could Launch Jobs In Texas

Most will point out the energy saving and environmentally beneficial aspects of solar energy. There is, however, another attribute to the solar industry: job creation. The solar industry is like all other businesses. As it grows, it will lead to job creation. In the state of Texas, the job creation figures might prove to be quite significant thanks to the strong economy the state is known for.

All manner of different jobs can be created in the solar industry. The manufacturing of the solar panels can (more…)

June 10th 2012

Clean Energy In Texas Is Possible

Clean energy production has become a necessity in today’s world where resources are depleting at a rapid rate. The industrial revolution was a breakthrough for the development of the human race, but unforeseen dangers have plagued our world in the last century. The next great step in our development must be toward clean energy and solutions for our dependence on oil and coal.

The Texas Energy Conservation Office has been attempting to educate the state about the many clean and renewable energy options available in Texas. They have started a campaign to prove the effectiveness of technological (more…)

May 31st 2011

Clean Energy Allows For A New Economy

The current energy environment is at the crossroads of becoming the leader for a new and improved economy. Currently, coal mining, natural gas production, and oil drilling drives the economy. There is a push by consumers and developers to come up with ways to replace and modify energy production all around the world. One way this is being done is by harnessing wind energy. Windmill farmers are showing up all across the country. Wind turbines are (more…)

May 19th 2011

Save Money By Using Clean Energy

There are countless ways to save money by using clean energy and you can start right now with a few simple ideas and become as involved as you like. Using ‘clean energy’ can include conservation steps you take to reduce your own household usage, replacing outdated kilowatt-hogging appliances with newer more efficient Energy Star rated versions and supporting alternative energy initiatives by switching to home-based or renewable energy sources that may be available through your local utility provider. Simply plugging your home entertainment system components into a power strip you switch off when not in (more…)

May 7th 2011

Ways Clean Energy Can Save You Money

In times like we are facing the verge of deppresion the economy is very low and any ways you can save a few bucks here and there is a great thing. Today i am going to share with you a few tips about saving money in these hard times by using clean efficiant energy source. Did you know that the average american household uses 11% of its entire bill just lighting the house. If you use linear fluorescent tubes and energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs you can cut cost 50%to 75%. Also the great thing about these bulbs is that they last up to 6 to 12 times longer than your traditional light bulb. But the best way to maintain cheep monthly payments is use Green Power. Green Power is the use of things like the sun, wind, waves anything renuable. By switching to a solar grid or windmill to power your home saves a large amount of anual spent money on electric. Honestly the product ambit energy is a company set out to make the world a greener place they can really help save money on your high bills. Using green technology is the best way to maintain a sustainable living envirmoent for us on earth.

August 4th 2010

Build Your New Home the Right Way with Ferrier Custom Homes

As you begin making plans to build a new home, one of the first steps in the process will be to choose a builder. Taking the time and effort to incorporate eco-friendly materials into your home and creating an energy efficient atmosphere can go a long way toward reducing your footprint. Alone, you might find this a difficult and daunting task, but with the help of a green builder, you will be guided all through the process as to how to improve the environmental efficiency of your new home.Ferrier Custom Homes was established in 2004, but its parent company, Ferrier Builders, has been in the green building business since 1984. This company provides assistance throughout the design and building process for new homes, remodeling and commercial structures. Rather than forcing certain ideals or green methods down your throat, this company helps design a house that includes the sustainable features you choose for your home. (more…)

July 14th 2010

Trim Down Your Electricity Bill with Energy Star Appliances

If an entire home renovation with solar panel cells and space heating design is not in your budget, there are other ways you can cut the cost of your monthly bills. Energy Star Appliances are tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as products that meet strict energy efficiency standards. According to the EPA, Americans saved approximately 17 billion dollars on utility bills in 2009. The energy saved by all of these products was equivalent to the emissions of 30 million cars. (more…)

July 14th 2010

There’s More to Texas Than Oil: Wind Power in the Lone Star State

For most of the last century, Texas has been oil nation. After the 1901 discovery of oil at Spindletop, the Texas economy shifted away from its agricultural roots to a petroleum-driven market. Though this natural resource brought unprecedented wealth and growth to the area, it hasn’t provided the same benefits to nature. As the world begins to look for more sustainable energy sources, even Texas, were oil has been the state’s livelihood, is putting more focus on renewable resources. (more…)

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